About Czech Republic

Charm of traditions
Undoubtedly, the integral part of the history of Czech culture is Czech traditions.
The traditions are mostly maintained in villages, especially in the Moravian-Silesian region,
 where they remain as a sign of the cultural taste of the specific areas.
Traditional costumes are increasingly popular among Czech people and are also appreciated by foreign visitors.
Folk costumes
The folk costume comprises clothing that is characteristic of a certain region.
In the areas of the Czech Republic connected with the historical division of the state,
the costumes of the plebeian social classes have experienced a rather complex evolution.
Folk clothing can only be classified in a clear historical manner with some difficulty.
Folk traditions
Folks traditions are not usually based on Christian, pagan or regional traditions.
The most interesting ones include the Ride of the Kings of Vlčnov, so called "Burning of the Witches"
and the Walpurgis Night, May 1 "the time of love", Feasts, All Souls' Day or Barborky.


National emblems
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National anthem
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Basic informations about Czech Republic
Area: 78,864 sq. km
Population: 10, 230, 060 (according to the March 2001 census)
Official language: Czech
Political system: Parliamentary republic
Currency unit: 1 Czech crown (Kc)
Capital: Prague
Administrative divisions: 14 regions
Religions: predominantly Roman-Catholic (39.2%),
a large proportion of the population are atheists (39.7%)
State holidays: January 1 - the anniversary of the reinstatement of an independent Czech state
May 8 - Liberation Anniversary
July 5 - Anniversary of the Slavonic missionaries Cyril (Konstantin) and Methodius
July 6 - Anniversary when John Huss was burned at the stake
September 28 - Anniversary of Czech statehood
October 28 - Anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state
November 17 - Anniversary of the fight for freedom and democracy
Other holidays: January 1 - New Year's Day
Easter Monday
May 1 - Labour Day
December 24 - Christmas Eve
December 25 - Christmas Day
December 26 - Boxing Day