About ensemble


The singing and folklore group RADOST was established in 1977 in DDM-house ALFA in Pardubice.

In the different departments of group work 100 children in th age from 4 to 30 years.

The ensemble works with th folklore of the East Bohemia.

To the dancing and singing play one own folklore music-band.

The art-director and choreographer of the group is Mrs. Jitka Vítková

 (in cooperation with Alexandra Kinclová, Jarmila Mokrenová, Lenka Jírková ...).

During the years of its aktivity the group won many succeses in famous festivals

 in the Czech republic (Kyjov, Jihlava, Mělník) as well as abroad.

The most important succes of the ensemble is Main prize for music ont the World folklore festival in Turkey in 1995.

Children were visited many festivals in different European countries

(f.e. Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Finland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia ...)

and in other countries (f.e. Turkey, Japan, Brazil, Columbia).